As technology advances, so does the ability for psychics and intuitive counselors to reach out to clients all around the world.

Although they may not be the first to provide psychic advice via video, PsychicNetworkers is working with a company that is perfecting the technology that will allow them to connect the best psychics with thousands of customers!  


Once upon a time the only way to get intuitive advice was to sit across the table from a tarot reader or psychic.  The customer was able to interact directly with their advisor.

Eventually, psychics began providing readings over the phone, being able to connect to their client anywhere in the country.  At this point, psychic “networks” started operating, providing the readers a way to connect to lots of customers.  By building teams of readers with a variety of backgrounds, psychic networks are able to provide customers with a range of services anytime, day or night.

Eventually psychics began providing readings via email, text chat, live chat and more.  Anytime there is an advancement in communication technology, psychic readings follow in step.

Today, customers are demanding a new way to connect to their favorite psychics… video conferencing.  As one of the fastest growing technologies in communication today, video conferencing is popular, easy, and mainstream.  Customers like being able to make that personal connection with their psychic once again, and the readers find that they are able to better provide their services.

Psychic Networkers has taken video conferencing to the next level with their state-of-the-art website that provides the readers with the ability to speak to multiple customers simultaneously, or have a private conference one-on-one with their clients.  The company handles all the advertising, customer support, billing and payments, website development, technical support and more.

Interested? If you’re a qualified reader and you’re interested in more, click the link below or review the other articles about working on the new Video Service on this website.  Its the next big thing in psychic work!

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