We’ve been processing more and more applications for readers interested in working on the Video platform with PsychicManagers. We’ve also received an update on the average earnings:

The number of readers working on the video platform with PsychicManagers has increased, with many more experts finding some real success. They are continuing to hire, so if you haven’t started this job yet, read on!

We received an income update from PsychicManagers. Readers get paid 2x per month. For the month of May, the average earnings per reader increased to $582. This average represents a wide-range of workers, from part time of 1 day/week or less to full time.

This job is hot right now, with more psychics showing interest and applying than ever before. It is a great place to go if you are comfortable on-camera, and ready to work with a leader in the industry, offering cutting edge technology and advertising!

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