Working with PsychicNetworkers as a Video Expert, you will be earning one of the highest rates of pay in the entire psychic network industry!

PsychicNetworkers has been hiring psychics to work on their video platform for over a year now. They’ve helped a lot of psychics and tarot readers grow to become the highest paid psychics in the industry!

Their amazing compensation plan allows the psychic to set the per-minute rate that customers pay for their readings, and then the psychic receives between 50-60% of what the client pays! This is unheard of in most other networks, where the psychic is lucky to get over 20%!

Plus, the psychics are earning this high rate of pay working on a heavily advertised, international site that has traffic around the clock! High pay, busy system.

What about fees? None. All the advertising, features, high-visibility profile are included. There aren’t any fees to the psychic.

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