HomeJobster.com has served hundreds of thousands of job seekers searching for home employment.  Now, with the PyschicJobCenter.com specialty-job board, we’re providing a resource for one of the fastest growing job opportunities in the home-worker industry.

Work-at-home psychics were one of the original home based employment opportunities.  These jobs hit a peak in the late 1990’s with over-the-top personalities on television commercials and infomercials generating thousands of calls to 1-900 networks daily.  During this time, there was never a shortage of open positions available for psychics and tarot readers to work on the telephone network.

The telephone-psychic job market experienced a slump in the early 2000’s as the industry was forced to change its structure after a series of legal battles over billing and collection practices led to the demise of the 1-900 pay-per-call system.

By 2005, opportunities for home-based psychic employment began to increase again as the industry had re-invented itself using internet technology to drive customers to readers.  Today telephone psychics often have website pages that show customers information about the reader, providing a more personalized connection.  Plus, more and more jobs are being created for psychics and tarot readers to provide services using new technology, including text messages, email readings, chat rooms, and video conferencing.

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