Best Phone Psychic Lines have a need for readers to answer calls for 3 daily live, televised call-in shows.  Its a great opportunity for anyone who is available for these specific show-times.  Nobody else in the industry is doing this, so its an amazing opportunity!

Qualified Psychics and Tarot Readers will be provided a direct extension, advertised on television, and given the opportunity to speak to clients around the world!

This is a great job for anyone experienced in the telephone psychic industry. You can work with them on a part-time basis or full-time. If you currently take calls for another network, you can still work for Best Phone Psychics part-time to help supplement your income. Of course, you can’t share clients between networks (ever) and you can only login to one job at a time.

With this system, your telephone number and personal information is never shared or visible to the clients. You decide when you want to work, anytime 24 hours a day. You are compensated for your talk-time, and bonuses are available. You do not have to worry about advertising, as the network provides the callers. The only requirement for you to stay active is to take at least one call each week.

Here are the times that they currently need readers to work:

  • 7 Days a week: 7pm – 9pm Eastern Time (that’s 4pm – 6pm Pacific Time)
  • Monday-Friday: 3pm – 4pm Eastern Time (that’s noon – 1pm Pacific Time)
  • Starting in September… Monday – Friday: 1pm – 2pm Eastern Time (that’s 10am – 11am Pacific Time)

If you’re available to do readings during those times, they can place you online pretty quick!

For more information and to apply for this position, visit the Job Listing page now.