For sometime now, we’ve been reporting on the excellent opportunity available as a Video reader with PsychicNetworkers.  And now they are paying their readers even more!

psychic-reader neon signThey’ve increased the base-pay by 20% and increased the top-pay by 10%!  

The base pay for the advisors was 30% of what the customer paid, and they could earn upto 50% by working at least 20 hours/week.

Now, the base pay is 50% on all readings!  Plus, if the readers work over 20 hours in the week, they start earning even more, upto 60% total commission.

The readers are busy, and getting more and more readings, and now they can earn even more with the better compensation plan.

To work on this system, the advisor must have a computer with high-speed internet connection, a web-cam and a private, professional space to work in.  This can be a place in your home as long as you prepare a professional camera friendly environment.

For more information and to apply for this position, visit the Job Listing page now.