Psychic Managers Video Expert Registration

Job Details: Video Advisor

Provide intuitive services to clients all over the world via your home computer with a webcamera. Account Setup instructions at the end of this email.

Hello *|FNAME|*, here is the information you requested about the position as a Video Psychic Advisor.

Who are you working with? This position is being recruited by the Psychic Managers Group, the most experienced intuitive management group in the United States. With over 20 years experience, this team knows how to find the best psychics and help them succeed!

They have teamed up with Oranum, the world’s largest psychic service website. With lots of traffic and customers, you will be busy with readings.

How much do you earn? The video reader position is one of the highest paid jobs ever offered at the Job Center. You can set your rate for readings, and then you earn 30-60% of what the customers pay. The more you work in a pay period, the higher your percentage.

Plus, they’re great incentive bonuses available, up to $500 each pay period. Payments are sent every 15 days.

What are the requirements? You of course have to be a skilled intuitive advisor. You must be comfortable on your computer, and it must be connected to high-speed internet with a web-camera.

What will you be doing? You’ll be on the website in your own chat room, where visitors to the website can see and hear you. You’ll be talking to those visitors and encouraging them to get a reading with you. When someone is ready to get a reading, they go to a private-chat. At that point you start earning your commission based on the per-minute cost of the reading, as set by you.

How soon can you get started? We need great readers fast. The website is growing, and the demand for quality psychic readings is increasing. It is possible for you to get started doing readings within the next couple of business days!

How do you get started? When you’re ready, complete the form below to register your video advisor account. There are a few things you’ll need:

  1. Profile: You’ll need to write a good profile/bio that will be used on the website.
  2. High quality picture: You need a picture of your face, high quality, professional looking picture. If you do not have one of these, you will need to take one before we can setup your account.
  3. Username: Be ready to choose the username that you’ll be known by your customers.

Fill out my online form.