Want to land that perfect psychic job working from home?

There are some amazing opportunities out there for gifted, compassionate lightworkers providing readings on telephone networks, through video websites and over email or other electronic communication. Thousands of individuals are working from home right now, providing intuitive readings and creating substantial incomes.

In today’s post, we’re going to discuss the 3 things you absolutely must get right if you want to land one of these highly sought-after jobs.

First of all, you need to look at the situation from the side of the company hiring for the psychic job. From the looks of things, you’d assume that psychic companies that charge for readings make a ton of money. The truth is, the costs associated with doing business in the psychic industry are astronomical. There is a lot of competition for advertising space, driving rates sky-high. Credit card processing fees are higher than they are for other businesses, and charge-backs occur more frequently.

There is a lot of competition for advertising space, driving rates sky-high. Credit card processing fees are higher than they are for other businesses, and charge-backs occur more frequently. All these increased business expenses cut into their profit margin and make running a psychic company a high-risk endeavor.

All this means is that the psychic companies with the best positions also have a lot on the line. They need to hire only the absolute best readers who are going to help them grow their business through repeat customers. They can’t take a risk hiring a reader who just doesn’t look professional.

Make sure that you stand out from the rest by preparing these 3 important pieces before you apply for your next job:

psychic job prepare step 11: Prepare Your Resume.

When applying for any job, having a resume seems like it should be a no-brainer. But somewhere along the line, this became a very rare thing when applying for a psychic job. Why? With online applications and telephone interviews, recruiters don’t seem to ask for them.

And that’s where you can really stand-out from other applicants. Prepare and provide a resume that outlines your experiences, both professional and personal, with the metaphysical world. Discuss your credentials for providing readings, and you can even list your primary abilities. Don’t just make a long list of skills though… focus on your strengths and provide a little detail about what makes your services unique.

You can search online to get examples of current resume designs. There are lots of free services. Most word processing programs, such as Microsoft Word, Open Office, and Google Docs even have some basic templates you can use. Don’t list every job you have had, make sure to focus on what a psychic network recruiter would want to know.

Editor’s Note: Effective today, we are now including the option to upload a resume on every application processed through the PsychicJobCenter!

psychic job prepare step 22. Your public image and professional profile.

The psychic readings business is a people business. To be successful, there needs to be a high level of trust between the clients and the readers. This is difficult in a world that is often skeptical of intuitive gifts.

To overcome this, the successful companies spend a lot of money creating a professional, trustworthy website that promotes their psychics. You’ll need a well-written promotional profile that includes a brief bio, describing your skills and abilities. Don’t just list every one of your skills but instead focus on one or two things that you do in a reading that would be of interest to potential customers.

Before you apply for any psychic job, make sure you have already written your short bio, usually 1 or 2 paragraphs. Make sure to use the spell-checker. One of our favorite free resources for checking spelling and grammar in-line is Grammarly. It is a great idea to have someone else proofread it. And while this may not be the final information used by the company if they hire you, it will show them that you are as serious about your image as they are!

psychic job prepare step 33. A quality headshot.

This brings us to the third piece you need to have ready – your headshot. This is so important and goes back to that trust issue. Website visitors are more connected when they can see a picture of their reader. Most of the top companies will only accept a real picture of you.

And make sure it is a high-quality photo. If the website you’re applying to has spent $25k or more building a professional website, why would they want your low-grade snapshot of you at last weekend’s bbq, the picture of you having drinks with your friends, or the selfie you took in your car? They are unlikely to want to add the picture of your garden gnomes or the photo you took of you took of you and your husband in the hot tub. Ok, this might all sound silly, but these are all things we’ve seen way more than we’ve ever wanted in profile photos submitted with applications over the year!

The point is, submitting a high-quality photo right from the beginning is going to put your application on the top of the pile. If you can’t afford a professional headshot, consider going anywhere that does passport photos. You get a high-quality image that looks great… just make sure to smile!

There you go! Pay attention and prepare each of these three things before you begin completing applications for home based psychic job. You’re much more likely to be invited to move forward in the hiring process!