Did you know that you can post your online resume at the PsychicJobCenter so potential employers can connect to you about their jobs?

In fact, there are many companies that choose this option when they are just looking to add one or two new readers to their company.

If you haven’t posted your resume yet, you could be missing out on these other job opportunities. We’ve seen psychics, tarot readers and Lightworkers of various different backgrounds find work doing telephone, video, email and chat by posting their resume.


Here are some things to consider when posting your resume:

  • Remember your target audience are psychic companies looking for new talent. Make sure to focus the content of your resume to catch their opinion
  • Consider only posting relevent job history. The hiring managers would be interested in knowing about your background providing readings.
  • You can add a photo to your listing. Make sure it is professional.
  • Use the first “Contact Me About” box to enter the types of jobs you’re interested in hearing about. (phone readings, video, email, in-person, etc.)
  • Enter a catchy, yet honest, Professional Title.
  • The Video link is optional, but if you have a Youtube or other video that describes your psychic abilities, this is a great place to use it!
  • Be specific when you enter your list of skills – consider only entering up to 5 – your very best, top used skills and abilities.


When you’re ready, Click Here to setup your online resume.

Don’t wait – Psychic Companies are searching the resumes right now to find potential advisors to add to their team!