Help Others, Help Yourself

One of the greatest benefits of working as a Video Reader with PsychicNetworkers is the sense of satisfaction you’ll receive from helping so many different people from all around the world!

people_holding_hands_around_the_worldWith a busy,  advertised service that is growing every day, you’ll have the opportunity to help more people with your special abilities then anywhere else.  

We are proud to help great readers reach out to lots of people in need, enabling them to share their gifts.  We hear all the time from the advisors how much they appreciate being able to offer their services on a busy network with such a large spectrum of customers from around the globe.  Most admit that although they like the better compensation plan, they feel much more “job satisfaction” through the positive feedback they receive from their clients.

For those who have chosen to build a career that evolves around their intuitive abilities, one of the greatest challenges is finding a way to leverage their time to help as many people as possible.  With PsychicNetworkers, they can simply sit down at their computer, flip a switch and instantly connect with any number of people looking for answers.  When you are able to end a work session having reached out to so many people, you get a sense of fullfillment you won’t find working most other places.

Do you experience job satisfaction where you work now? If you don’t end your day with a sense of having accomplished great things, then you need to give PsychicNetworkers a try!  If you’re a qualified reader and you’re ready to enjoy your work, click the link below or review the other articles about working on the new Video Service on this website.  Its the next big thing in psychic work!

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New Compensation Plan Provides Top Psychic Pay in the Industry!

PsychicNetworkers has improved their lucrative reader compensation plan, providing one of the top-paying psychic positions in the industry today!

moneyThe new 50% commission alone ranks this job among the top psychic reader pay rates.  

When you consider the other benefits of working as a Video Reader with PsychicNetworkers, this job arguably provides the best income opportunity available to remote psychic workers today.

1. Commission Rate: As a video reader, you can earn 50% of the price paid by your clients for the reading.  Plus, you decide what your per-minute rate is, allowing you to increase your rate (and your pay) gradually over time as you grow your business.

2. The average earnings for readers is between $2 – $3.00 / minute in private sessions.  Of course, you can earn more by increasing your rate.

3. No Fees.  Working with PsychicNetworkers means there’s no hidden costs.  No fees to be listed, no fees to be featured, no advertising costs deducted from your check.  While these have become common with many of the other psychic services, you won’t find any of them working with PsychicNetworkers.

4. Advertised.  Simply put, this company is spending money for advertising.  Internet advertising as well as Television.  Why sit around waiting for phone calls, when you can be on a website that keeps you busy talking to our customers?

5. Easy, free pay.  Working with PsychicNetworkers, you never have to worry about your pay.  They can send you a check or direct deposit.  There’s no quotas to be met, and the simple, straight forward compensation plan ensures there’s no surprises.

6. Get Started Right Away.  We can usually get you up and online within 1 business day!  Simply complete the online application, and follow the Quick-Start directions provided in your email confirmation.

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New Job: Psychic Recruiter

Best Phone Psychics needs help recruiting new, quality readers for their phone network.

old-telephoneBecome a Psychic Recruiter and you will earn upto $100 for each reader you bring onto the network.  .  

Combine your skills as a reader with your organizational, recruiting and managerial skills to create a lucrative additional income.  Best Phone Psychics answers calls for dozens of different networks, all fed through one psychic login, providing lots of calls to their readers.  As some of these companies are gearing up to do big advertising, including TV commercials, they are working to increase the number of readers available.

As a recruiter, you will have your own webpage that you can use to collect psychic applications.  You may also be provided with leads from the company of psychics who have applied through the main website.  Earn a per-minute commission, upto $100, for each psychic you add to the network.  The more readers you hire, the more you’ll earn!

Plus, earn an additional 5-cent per minute bonus on all of your own talk-time on your personal psychic extension.  Combined, you’ll be able to make a very nice income working with the Best Phone Psychics!

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Video Readings: The Next Evolution in Psychic Advice

As technology advances, so does the ability for psychics and intuitive counselors to reach out to clients all around the world.

Although they may not be the first to provide psychic advice via video, PsychicNetworkers is working with a company that is perfecting the technology that will allow them to connect the best psychics with thousands of customers!  


Once upon a time the only way to get intuitive advice was to sit across the table from a tarot reader or psychic.  The customer was able to interact directly with their advisor.

Eventually, psychics began providing readings over the phone, being able to connect to their client anywhere in the country.  At this point, psychic “networks” started operating, providing the readers a way to connect to lots of customers.  By building teams of readers with a variety of backgrounds, psychic networks are able to provide customers with a range of services anytime, day or night.

Eventually psychics began providing readings via email, text chat, live chat and more.  Anytime there is an advancement in communication technology, psychic readings follow in step.

Today, customers are demanding a new way to connect to their favorite psychics… video conferencing.  As one of the fastest growing technologies in communication today, video conferencing is popular, easy, and mainstream.  Customers like being able to make that personal connection with their psychic once again, and the readers find that they are able to better provide their services.

Psychic Networkers has taken video conferencing to the next level with their state-of-the-art website that provides the readers with the ability to speak to multiple customers simultaneously, or have a private conference one-on-one with their clients.  The company handles all the advertising, customer support, billing and payments, website development, technical support and more.

Interested? If you’re a qualified reader and you’re interested in more, click the link below or review the other articles about working on the new Video Service on this website.  Its the next big thing in psychic work!

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Oranum Readers: Move on up to PsychicNetworkers Video Service!

PsychicNetworkers Video Service has been built from the ground-up to create a better experience for customers AND psychics working on the line.

If you have experience working on a site like Oranum or other video reading services, you’re going to love working with PsychicNetworkers!  


astrology worldHere’s 6 reasons why working with PsychicNetworkers is the way to go if you’re a quality, compassionate reader:

1. Better pay: Our reader compensation is one of the highest in the industry.  We provide you with a rate chart so you always know how much you’re earning.. no surprises, no questions, and unlike Oranum, you don’t need to earn a minimum $300 in order to be paid.  We feel that the readers should be paid what they earned, don’t you?

2. Faster pay:  Tired of waiting to get paid?  We pay by the 12th of the month for the entire commission you earned the previous month.  We’ll send you a regular check, or we can deposit to any USA checking or savings account using Bank of America’s secure payroll processing system.

3. Work for a US company: Don’t get paid in some weird internet currency that looses value when you convert to US dollars.  We’re a company based in the USA, we send US$ payments.

4. Support:  Don’t get stuck trying to do this on your own.  We’re here to help with everything from sound checks and  technical support to helping you bring more customers into paid sessions.  Our management team has been in the psychic-network industry since the beginning… we’ve seen it all, and we know what it takes for readers to succeed.  Our personalized support is what sets us apart from other networks.

5. Advertising: Want a high-profile website?  We have it!  Internet advertising and TELEVISION advertising ensures that our website will quickly grow to become the #1 source for video readings.

6. Be one of a few instead of one of hundreds:  Tired of logging in and being one of 100 (or more!) readers waiting for customers?  We’re keeping our pool of psychic talent much smaller… we’d rather have 5 or 6 people signed on at a time and being busy then dozens of readers not doing any readings.  We’ll work with you to make sure you are able to grow your extension business with us.

STOP wasting your time with other networks, and come work for a company that will appreciate your hard work and extraordinary talents!  If you are a skilled, compassionate reader, we would love to talk to you about joining our team.

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