Best Phone Psychics needs help recruiting new, quality readers for their phone network.

old-telephoneBecome a Psychic Recruiter and you will earn upto $100 for each reader you bring onto the network.  .  

Combine your skills as a reader with your organizational, recruiting and managerial skills to create a lucrative additional income.  Best Phone Psychics answers calls for dozens of different networks, all fed through one psychic login, providing lots of calls to their readers.  As some of these companies are gearing up to do big advertising, including TV commercials, they are working to increase the number of readers available.

As a recruiter, you will have your own webpage that you can use to collect psychic applications.  You may also be provided with leads from the company of psychics who have applied through the main website.  Earn a per-minute commission, upto $100, for each psychic you add to the network.  The more readers you hire, the more you’ll earn!

Plus, earn an additional 5-cent per minute bonus on all of your own talk-time on your personal psychic extension.  Combined, you’ll be able to make a very nice income working with the Best Phone Psychics!

For more information and to apply for this position, visit the Job Listing page now.