We’ve posted the position for Psychic Reviewers with PsychicPRO.

This is an opportunity to work with PsychicPRO providing services to other Lightworkers!

We’re starting our search for a few people we can add to our team as Psychic Reviewers. We’re going to be increasing the number of reviews we provide, and we’ll be needing some help. We’re looking for lightwokrers who have experience in providing readings and well written content.

Basically, Psychic Reviewers get a reading from a psychic and then provide a written review. We may have you do a review after it has been requested by the psychic themselves. In these cases, the psychic is hiring us to provide them with constructive feedback to help them improve their reading styles. Other times the reviews are ordered by a psychic network who is having us provide them with quality control services, making sure that the readers on their network are following any rules, regulations, etc. We also provide them with positive feedback that could help the reader improve.

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