The Psychic Managers Video Group has posted a brand-new job listing for Chat, Video & Email Online Psychics.

This is an exciting new opportunity to provide a variety of services on a fresh platform that is getting a lot of attention!

When you work on this system, you’ll be able to provide readings to customers using live video. You’ll set the per-minute rate and receive a commission of what the customer pays. You can also do chat readings, where the customer can’t see you.

You can also do email readings, and soon you’ll be able to perform a wide-variety of reading services that you create, set the price, and then make your cut when customers place an order.

Something Different: PsychicManagers also hires for another video website, which has been an extremely popular job. They wanted to make sure people knew this job is different though, and there are a few points to keep in mind:

  • There are no guests in free chat on this system… only customers who have already entered payment information
  • Compensation is made by the USA offices by direct deposit
  • You can get paid to do chat only or email only services

Check out this new job on the PsychicPRO Job Center.