PsychicNetworkers has improved their lucrative reader compensation plan, providing one of the top-paying psychic positions in the industry today!

moneyThe new 50% commission alone ranks this job among the top psychic reader pay rates.  

When you consider the other benefits of working as a Video Reader with PsychicNetworkers, this job arguably provides the best income opportunity available to remote psychic workers today.

1. Commission Rate: As a video reader, you can earn 50% of the price paid by your clients for the reading.  Plus, you decide what your per-minute rate is, allowing you to increase your rate (and your pay) gradually over time as you grow your business.

2. The average earnings for readers is between $2 – $3.00 / minute in private sessions.  Of course, you can earn more by increasing your rate.

3. No Fees.  Working with PsychicNetworkers means there’s no hidden costs.  No fees to be listed, no fees to be featured, no advertising costs deducted from your check.  While these have become common with many of the other psychic services, you won’t find any of them working with PsychicNetworkers.

4. Advertised.  Simply put, this company is spending money for advertising.  Internet advertising as well as Television.  Why sit around waiting for phone calls, when you can be on a website that keeps you busy talking to our customers?

5. Easy, free pay.  Working with PsychicNetworkers, you never have to worry about your pay.  They can send you a check or direct deposit.  There’s no quotas to be met, and the simple, straight forward compensation plan ensures there’s no surprises.

6. Get Started Right Away.  We can usually get you up and online within 1 business day!  Simply complete the online application, and follow the Quick-Start directions provided in your email confirmation.

For more information and to apply for this position, visit the Job Listing page now.