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Remote – Independent Contractor – Immediate Work Available

We are an elite team of professionals who live and work the lightworker lifestyle. We’ve come together to provide services to other lightworkers, enabling them to succeed and achieve their professional goals. 

Job Description

PsychicPRO provides services to the LightWorker community. We help psychics, astrologers, tarot experts, mediums, etc. earn a living income providing their unique services. 


What we’re looking for

We’re looking for someone to join our team and help us provide website solutions for psychics and lightworkers. 

Projects would include original design websites as well as creating a variety of template websites that can be personalized for end user.

We already have a large number of psychics who have indicated they are interested in having us design a website for their psychic business.

If you have a unique eye for design and an interest in servicing the lightworker community, this could be a great and unique position for you!


position Requirements

  • Must have experience designing websites using the Divi Theme for WordPress
  • Must have a good eye for design solutions for the lightworker community
  • Must have excellent communication skills



    Compensation will be made on a per project basis.  Projects where you are responsible for the entire design of the website will pay upto 80% of the customer fee.




    Website Designer

    Help us design websites for psychics using the Divi Theme in WordPress.


    This job application is currently open and accepting applications. If selected, you will be contacted by email for directions on the next step.


    This position is for readers who are located in the USA or Canada.


    Position Type

    This position is for an Independent Contractor (1099).

    There are never any fees involved with applying, working or advertising.


    Projects will have timelines for completion. When you do the work will be up to you.

    More Information

    Contact PsychicManagers Video Group for more information:


    Perks of the Job

    Multiple Income Streams

    You can connect with customers through a variety of methods, providing more than one source of income.

    Dependable Payments 2x Month

    The psychic readers receive their pay through direct deposit from our offices located in the United States.

    Fresh, New Platform

    This new website is attracting a lot of attention, and they’ve already built a big customer base.

    Powerful Website

    The readers have all the tools and resources they need to connect with customers by video, email or chat.

    Extra Support

    Our team knows what it takes to be successful, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

    Part of Something Great

    We’re doing great things by connecting with more customers than ever before. You can be part of the explosion in demand for online readings.


    Interested?! The first step is to complete an application online.

    We’re currently looking for the right designer to partner with and expand our Lightworker Website Design services. If you think this might be the right opportunity for you, click the button below to begin the application.

    We’ll ask a little info about your experience with building websites using Divi. We’ll ask you to provide a link to view a portfolio of your work or a list of websites you’ve designed for us to review.

    When you’re ready click below.


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