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Remote – Independent Contractor – 2 immediate openings

We are the premiere management team for psychics, tarot readers, mediums and astrologers on one of the original telephone networks to create a strong internet presence. Our readers are still thriving today, many have been with us for over a decade. Our strong team of expert advisors only has openings occassionally due to low turn-over, but we’re always keeping an eye out for the next amazing reader who will join us!

Job Description

This position is for a telephone advisor to work on one of the original internet-advertised psychic phone networks. In operation for over a decade, you would be working with one of the most popular psychic service destinations in business today!

  • Great Pay. You’ll start out earning $.75/min on your calls. That rate can increase as you grow. In fact, you’ll decide when it is time to raise your rates, thus increasing your per minute commission.
  • Quick Pay. This job pays quick. Like Super Quick. The pay periods start on Monday, end on Sunday. Three days later your earnings are deposited into your bank account. Yep, every week, like clockwork.
  • Established Company. This network has been around for a long time. They’re one of the very first psychic websites ever. They have a ton of customers, and a really high customer call back & retention rate. You can do the math.
  • `No averages. The focus is on providing a great reading, not providing long readings. The call will take as much time as the customer feels necessary, and there are no penalties for short calls.
  • Advanced Tech. You’ll have all the tools you need to connect with your clients, including email, online scheduling, wait-lists and more!

The best applicant for this position will be provided a high-visibility profile on the networks advertised website. Psychic will have their own extension that clients can reach them on. When you work, you log in to the network with your phone or computer. Calls are then forwarded to you at your home.

What we’re looking for

We’re looking for readers who are looking for a really great, unique opportunity to provide telephone readings. This isn’t just any network… this has consistently been rated as one of the best jobs in the psychic industry. Why? Because on this network, the reader experience is just as important as the customer’s.

First of all, we only work with the absolute best. Readers who can provide dynamic, engaging readings that really “wow” the clients. Readers who adhere to our strong ethics guidelines and share our sense of integrity, honor, and compassion. It is important to us that the clients served by our team of readers get the absolute best readings in a safe and accepting environment. 

We won’t contract with readers who are just in it for the money. We believe that your services are valuable and you should be well compensated for the work you do. We just don’t believe that profit should be earned at the cost of the customer’s experience. If you understand what we’re talking about, you might be a good candidate for our team!

We are looking to contract with business savvy readers. That means thinking beyond the old business model of keeping a caller on the phone. It means building a relationship with the clients. Providing them with exceptional, compassionate readings that help them solve problems and make positive changes. And when those customers want a reading in the future, being ready to provide them with just the same excellent service as before.

A business-savvy psychic knows that providing a great reading on the phone is different from providing one in person. You need to be professional, interesting, and grab their attention immediately. You need to be able to connect to the customer, empathize with them and make sure they know you have their best interests in mind. You need to be in control of the reading, yet understand and meet the client’s expectations and needs.

Business savvy psychics also understand how important it is to provide everything necessary for their high-quality profile to be built. This means a well-written, engaging paragraph or two about their skills and abilities. Plus a high-quality, professional headshot. While many psychic lines will let you provide snapshots/selfies, etc., they won’t take those here!


The ideal candidate for this position:

  • Is very experienced. We only work with highly experienced Psychics, Tarot Readers, and Mediums who represent the best in their fields.
  • Has extensive knowledge and experience in providing quality psychic readings.
  • Is able to provide expert services in a compassionate manner.
  • Can provide a variety of intuitive readings such as Tarot, Mediumship, Astrology, etc.
  • Has had previous experience providing telephone readings
  • Can commit to setting a standard weekly schedule of 30-40 hours of availability.
    Must have a quality phone to take calls.Additional Requirements


additional Requirements

  • Must have a quiet workspace free from noise and distractions.
  • Must have a quality phone line to take calls. You’ll be able to choose to have your calls sent to multiple phones (landline, cell phone, etc.)
  • Must have internet access and e-mail for company communications.
  • New experts MUST be able to help us cover the “graveyard” shift hours. After the initial 4 weeks, the expert can move their schedule to cover any hours they want.


Compensation & Benefits

  • Expert is compensated on a per-minute basis for the time they spend on the phone in consultation with clients.
  • You will earn $0.75/minute ($45/hr) to start. You can earn up to $2.50/min ($150/hr).
  • The rate you earn is based on the rate clients pay for your readings
  • After your short probation period, you’ll be able to adjust your rate and determine your earnings.
  • PAYMENT is sent out weekly and quick. The pay periods end on Sunday and payment is sent out the next day on Monday by direct deposit.



Telephone Readings

Connect with customers via telephone through a controlled network.


This job application is open until August 25th.  If selected, the next step will be a telephone call interview.

Important: We are only recruiting for the “Graveyard” shift at this time. 


This position is for readers who are located in the USA.

Position Type

This position is for an Independent Contractor (1099).

There are never any fees involved with applying, working or advertising.


Flexible self-scheduling with calls available 24/7. A minimum of 30 hours per week of availability expected to maintain an active extension.

All new hires will be asked to start with working the under-staffed late-night “Graveyard” shift by choosing hours that fall between 10pm-4am Pacific (that’s 1am-7am for you east-coasters.) Experts will be able to transition to any other shifts after their first 4 weeks.

More Information

Inquires may be directed to us using the following.

Perks of the Job

Exceptional Pay

Earn some of the highest per-minute rates for starting readers. You control your own pay rate too!

Quick Weekly Payments

We send your payment quick, every week. The payweek ends on Sunday and your payment is sent Monday.

Busy Network

Always lots of new customers to meet, plus an amazing established base of over 1 million repeat customers!

Powerful System

While the readings are all phone based, you can interact online with clients to schedule appointments, create a reading waitlist, and more.

Resource Center

You’ll have access to all the tools, resources and support you need to be amazing at this job.

Lightworker Management

This company is founded, owned, and operated by psychics just like you. We’re with you every step of the way.


Interested?! The first step is to complete an application online.

We are always looking for the next great reader to add to our team. The first step is for you to complete our online application. If our recruiting staff determines that you would be a good match for our team, we’ll contact you to schedule an interview. You should be prepared to provide at least upto 3 sample readings for our staff as well.

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