This is exciting because this is the best job ever for psychics. We’re not kidding… this is the one that really started it all. In fact, one of the original readers hired through our websites just celebrated his 17th year with this company!

The thing is, they don’t hire very often at all. Because they don’t have the high turn-over other networks experience. Right now though, they are searching for a handful of new experts who will help cover their “graveyard” shift, the overnights from 10pm – 4am PST. Might be a tough time for psychics to work, but they’re okay with you moving your shift after the first month. They just really need to get coverage during those hours right now, so if you think you can do it, it might be your chance to get in with this great company.

We wrote an extensive review you should read. Here are a few highlights:

  1. Different type of psychic job.
  2. Busy, established network.
  3. Quick, weekly pay arrives in your account 4 days after the end of the week, like clockwork.
  4. Advanced Technology that allows you to create the most successful psychic extension-business anywhere.
  5. Of course, no fees to work. No fees to advertise, no fees ever.
  6. No Averages. No ridiculous expectations. Just do great readings!

So, if this sound of interest to you, check out the job post here and complete the application to get started. Their hiring process is extensive, so get started asap.