Work with the World’s Top Promoter of Psychic Video Services and enjoy Big Rewards! There’s no doubt about it… the future of the remote psychic industry lies with video services!

Maybe you’ve been wondering if you should try providing your intuitive services via video consultation, but you’re just not sure where to start. Or perhaps you’ve dabbled a bit providing readings to private clients, but you just aren’t able to stay busy enough. Or maybe you’ve been afraid to try doing video readings.. not quite ready to give up the comfort and anonymity of the phone line or your keyboard.

We’d like to give you 5 Great Reasons why now is the time for you to GO VIDEO:

#1: Show me the Money! The work you do as an intuitive counselor is much more important than the monetary compensation you receive. After all, you’re able to help people make positive changes in their lives every day you go to work! However, getting paid is important too, especially if you need to provide for yourself and a family. This is real work, and you should be paid well!

The compensation available for Video Psychics is much higher than traditional telephone readers. In fact, psychics working on the World’s Top Video Service are able to earn thousands of dollars per month by working full time. They also earn higher rates of pay than has ever been available to psychics on traditional telephone or text chat services.

#2: Its where the customers are going. People really like the video services and its where the business is headed. Customers feel like they get a better value when they are able to see and hear their psychic during the reading. Because of this, customers of video psychic services make purchases that are an average of 37% larger than non-video services.

Psychic Managers, the intuitive talent company, estimates that within the next 5 years, video-psychic services will grow an estimated 400%, while non-video psychic services will continue to decline in demand. “Any psychic who is working from home as their primary or major source of income needs to seriously look into the option of working with a video service,” says Ann Meyer of PsychicManagers. “If they don’t adapt and embrace this new technology, they might get left behind. The customers are demanding it!”

#3: You’ll make a better connection to your customers. When your client is able to see you during the reading, the experience is greater for both of you. They can take part in the reading, and they can see how you’re divining the information. When they share their camera view, you can make an instant visual connection to your customer, and suddenly it’s as if the two of you are sitting across your kitchen table!

When someone chooses to consult a Psychic, Tarot Reader, Medium or Astrologer, they are placing a lot of trust in their advisor. Being able to connect via a web camera enhances the whole experience.

#4: Your customers will return to you time and time again. Video services have experienced the highest customer-retention rates in the industry. Clients spend more time on video services, and they return more often than on non-video services. This means that as a psychic providing service somewhere like the World’s Busiest Video Psychic Website, you’ll be able to make long-term connections and relationships with your clients. Instead of focusing on quick-fix solutions, you’ll often have the chance to work on long-term solutions with your devoted customers.

#5: You’ll have a ton of fun! If you’ve never done video readings, working on a service like the Wold’s biggest video psychic service will be an exciting experience! You’ll be reading for people who are all over the world. It’s amazing that you can reach out from your own home computer and provide your services to someone across the country or even around the world!

Your talents are unique and having the opportunity to share those talents with as many people as possible is often the goal for many lightworkers. If that sounds like you, make sure to investigate working as a video reader!

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