With the new PsychicNetworkers Video website, readers who provide readings are featured on television commercials and live 1 and 2 hour TV Shows!

Work from the comfort of your own home, earn top pay in the industry, and benefit from a service that is promoted world-wide on television, the internet, and other cutting-edge media.

PsychicNetworkers provide a unique, first of it’s kind psychic service that combines online video, a tremendous online presence, and live television psychic shows.  As a reader on this system, you connect to the service with your computer.  When you sign on, customers can see and hear you while in a free-chat room.

At scheduled times through the day, there are one to two hour-long live psychic shows that are televised in markets world-wide.  If you are signed on to provide readings during these shows, you are featured live on TV.  The TV host will show a live feed of you and provide some information from your profile, and instruct viewers on how they can go online to get a reading with you.  Once a customer requests a private reading with you, only that client can see and hear you until you are available for readings again.

There are other video-reading psychic sites out there, but none of them are doing television commercials or live-shows.   With PsychicNetworkers, you have a distinctly unique opportunity to grow your psychic reading business with clients world-wide, without having to spend any of your valuable time concentrating on advertising.

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