List your services in the PsychicDeal Directory of Experts.

The website has quickly become a popular destination for customers looking for a deal on their next psychic reading. Various psychic service companies have been benefiting from growing their website visitors and attracting new customers. Now there is a way for individual psychics to also grow their business by being included in the Directory of Experts.

Promote your services as part of a psychic network or website.

If you work with one of the big psychic companies providing your services alongside other readers, you should consider setting up a profile on PsychicDeal. More customers will be able to find you, and many will choose you for their very first reading with your service. As you know, providing the first reading to a customer can lead to a long-term client.

We suggest a Basic (free!) listing for most “network readers.” Its a terrific way to bring more eyes to your profile, and you’ll impress the company by attracting more new customers than other experts. If you want a little more control and want to drive even more traffic to your extension-business, consider the Enhanced ($9/mo) listing.

Promote your private website or psychic business.

If you are a “Psychicpreneur” and making a go at the solo-business, you can greatly benefit from being listed in the directory. If you’ve built your own website, tried promoting your services in chat rooms, posted flyers, etc. trying to find customers, you’ve experienced how crowded the field of intuitive services can be. It’s difficult to stand out and attract new clients.

An Enhanced listing in the directory is a great option. Promote your website to people who are actively looking for the types of services you’re providing. For most independent psychic business owners, gaining just one new customer will more than pay for a year in the directory.

Grow your Psychic Business

No matter where you work, you can find new clients by posting a listing in the PsychicDeal Directory of Experts. Make sure to take the time to provide well-written responses to each question. You’ll want to have a high-quality photo too… it will really make you stand out.

To find out more about listing your psychic services, visit the PsychicDeal about page.