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FAQs: Psychic Job Seekers

Can I get an update on my application?
The PsychicPRO Job Center is a jobs-board for companies to post their positions for psychics. If you want an update about a job you applied for, you’ll need to contact that company direct. You can find their contact information on the listing for that job, or if you received an email after applying you can contact them by replying.
When are new jobs posted?
We’re constantly working with the companies hiring lightworkers to help them with their ongoing recruiting needs. We post jobs as soon as the company is ready, so make sure to signup for our Job Alerts to be notified.
How do I post my online resume?
We have an easy system for posting your online resume. Just go to the resume page and complete the form. You’ll be able to preview your entry before it goes live.
How long does it take to get hired?
This will depend on the companies hiring the position you applied for online. Keep in mind that most jobs on the Psychic Job Center attract hundreds of applicants. It can take time for the hiring manager to review and respond to each application. Be patient.
Are there any fees involved with these jobs?
For the most part, no. Most of the positions listed on the Psychic Job Center will not involve any fees to apply or work with them.

If there are exceptions, this will be written out in the job description and stated clearly so you can decide if you are still interested.

Will I be working for PsychicPRO?
No. (well, probably not. We sometimes hire for non-reader positions.)

Each position has the name of the company/employer who has posted the job.

FAQs: Employers

How can I view Psychic Resumes?

You’ll first need to register as an employer. In order to protect the privacy of the advisors’ personal information, we only allow verified employers to view resumes. You can register as an employer here. (recruiters are okay too)

How much does it cost to post a job?

After you’ve registered as an employer, you’ll be able to access the job-posting dashboard. We currently offer a variety of job packages for as little as $25.

Can the Psychic Job Center recruit for us?

Yes! We have a full staff of experienced, psychic recruiters who can help you reach 100% coverage. We can work to meet just about any deadline (within reason). 

We’re also able to fully manage your team of advisors, including QA monitoring, payroll, contractor support and more.

For more information, please contact us and let us know how we can help.