Experienced Telephone Expert {BCIPsychics}

June 2018 Update: BCI is recruiting a few new readers to add to their team. All new hires will be asked to start with working the under-staffed late-night “Graveyard” shift by choosing hours that fall between 10pm-4am Pacific (that’s 1am-7am for you east-coasters.) Experts will be able to transition to any other shifts after their first 4 weeks.


This position is for a telephone advisor to work on one of the original internet-advertised psychic phone networks. In operation for over a decade, you would be working with one of the most popular psychic service destinations in business today!

Number of open positions: 4


The best applicant for this position will be provided a high-visibility profile on the networks advertised website. Psychic will have their own extension that clients can reach them on. When you work, you log in to the network with your phone or computer. Calls are then forwarded to you at your home.

Compensation Expert is compensated on a per-minute basis for the time they spend on the phone in consultation with clients. You will earn $0.75/minute ($45/hr) to start. You can earn up to $2.50/min ($150/hr).

Payment Payment is sent out weekly. The pay periods end on Sunday and payment is sent out the next day on Monday by direct deposit.

Schedule Advisor is responsible for setting a standard schedule of availability that equals 30 hours/week or more. The advisor is responsible for maintaining an availability schedule that enables them to build repeat business.

Advanced Tech: This very busy network has recently updated their online user interface to enable even more interaction with your customers. The customer can now set appointments with you or wait to be notified as soon as you log in. You can send out in-system emails to your customers to update them or re-connect with clients who haven’t called recently.


Experience:  We only work with experienced Psychics, Tarot Readers, and Mediums who represent the best in their fields.
Must have extensive knowledge and experience providing quality psychic readings.
Must be able to provide expert services in a compassionate manner.
Should be able to provide a variety of intuitive readings such as Tarot, Mediumship, Astrology, etc.
Should have previous experience providing telephone readings
Must be able to commit to setting a standard weekly schedule of 30-40 hours of availability.
Must have a quality phone to take calls.


Complete the application below. Please be as thorough as possible. Make sure to provide a good quality photo for your profile.

If your application indicates that you meet our high-quality standards, you will be contacted for an interview. During your interview, you will be required to provide a reading.

Our top applicants will be scheduled for an additional 1-2 sample readings with other members of our management team.

The applicant who is chosen for this position should be available to begin within 2-weeks.

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