Psychic Advertising: Limited 3-day Special Pricing

Are you seeing clients of your own? Have you discovered the benefits to having your own private psychic business?

Many psychics are only interested in finding a job with a company. While these jobs (like the ones listed on PsychicJobCenter) can be a great option, they don’t always fit the needs of every psychic.

First, it can be difficult and time consuming to land the right position. There is always a very large applicant pool for companies to choose from, which means not everyone is going to find one of those psychic jobs, at least not right away.

Many psychics who work for companies will supplement their income by seeing private clients. Its a great way to create financial stability and long-term income.

RIGHT NOW we have a great opportunity for any lightworker who needs to advertise their services. The PsychicDeal Directory of Experts has been helping readers find new clients by providing high-quality and in-depth listings. Customers like searching through and finding a reader to answer their questions.

We’re about to launch a huge ad campaign, but we want to make sure we have as many readers as possible. For the next 72 hours, we’ve setup 2 special offers for readers who want to join. You can get a 6-month listing for the price of 1 month. Plus, no subscription needed.

Check out this page for details and to claim your listing now. This offer ends after 72 hours so don’t miss out!

PsychicPro March Madness: Directory of Experts

So far during our March Madness for Psychic Professionals event we’ve highlighted a telephone psychic job and a video psychic job. If you missed either of those posts, make sure to click through for details.

Today we’re going to focus on a way you can increase your professional income by reading for private clients. Did you know the average psychic earns over $60 per hour with private clients? Many earn much, much more.

The hard part is finding clients. That’s where the PsychicDeal Directory of Experts can help. You can get an Enhanced Listing for under 10-bucks a month. You can get a lot of new clients because their traffic is specific: people looking for deals on psychic services.

They have a special yearly deal going on too this week only, so check it out.

It is March Madness for Psychic Professionals

Spring is just around the corner, and things are really heating up in the Psychic Industry!

Most services experience a boom in business as we proceed through spring, so there are lots of opportunities for independent psychics to prosper.

Over the next several days, we’re going to make a daily post with a new job, current openings, advertising deals and more.

Let’s start with today: A brand-new psychic line with upcoming openings available.  This looks like an exciting opportunity, so check it out and register now.

Come back tomorrow for our next March Madness Post.

Take Part in the Black Friday & Cyber Monday Promotion

Over 108 million people will shop online over the weekend. Black Friday shoppers will spend, on average, just over $980 each.

Why not take advantage of the Black Friday shopping bump to promote your intuitive services? Not only are people looking for deals, they are entering an emotional time and will be looking for answers and support.

The Directory of Experts will be conducting a huge 10-day promotion that begins on the day after Thursday, Black Friday (Nov. 24).

All Enhanced and Featured listings will be provided with lots of visibility during this time. Direct marketing of your psychic business will focus on your deals on readings and other services. will be promoting the directory and your listing through email marketing, social network posts and Facebook ads. It will be a great time to pick up some new clients as we enter the busy holiday season!

Be a part of the Black Friday Promotion

If you don’t have your listing yet, you can claim yours now. Make sure to get set up asap so your listing can be included in the special Black Friday / Cyber Monday advertising promotions.

Stand out and offer an Exceptional Deal

There are a ton of great deals out there competing for sales. You might want to consider running a special deal for the 10-day promotion. Coupons or sales with huge discounts are what catches the attention of customers.

Get more customers to your Network extension or Private business.

Now there is a way for individual psychics to grow their business by being included in the Directory of Experts. No matter where you work, big network or private business, you need to know about this new directory.

List your services in the PsychicDeal Directory of Experts.

The website has quickly become a popular destination for customers looking for a deal on their next psychic reading. Various psychic service companies have been benefiting from growing their website visitors and attracting new customers. Now there is a way for individual psychics to also grow their business by being included in the Directory of Experts.

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