Busy Phone Psychic Network Needs Readers

stopSTOP working for phone networks that promise calls and don’t deliver.  STOP working for phone networks that yell at you for not accomplishing outlandish requirements…

Its time to work for a company that respects your talents and skills, and actually has calls to send you!  


  • Don’t work for companies that promise one rate and pay another
  • Don’t work with networks that claim to be busy, but you wait hours for a single call
  • Don’t keep logging on with a network that is slowly dying, getting fewer and fewer calls
  • Don’t waste your time working with companies that require you to maintain un-achievable call-length averages


  • Working with a company with an upfront pay rate and compensation schedule;
  • Working on a network that actually is busy… you sign on and get calls!
  • Start logging on with a network that has a long history (over 15 years!) but is also GROWING!
  • Spend your time focused on giving great readings, not trying to convince your client to join a club or give you their email.

PsychicNetworkers is hiring phone readers.  They have a network that has been around for over 15 years and has recently been breaking records for all-time call volume!  The time is now… start making money for the holidays!

To get started, click here.

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