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Thank you for applying to work on the Best Phone (AND VIDEO!) Psychics Spiritum Network.  The next step in working on our lines is to schedule your Interview & Sample Reading.

About The Job
Provide Video Psychic Readings on an advertised website.
You do not have to do your own advertising or sell anything.
Advertising includes live Television shows and commercials.
Compensation is based on your per-minute rate.  Earn as much as $180 per hour.
Pay is sent monthly.
Must have a computer with high-speed internet and a webcam.

Your Interview: Be Prepared
Our manager will call you at the scheduled time for your interview.  Although we do our best to call you at the exact time of your scheduled interview, our manager may be a little late as they are often conducting several interviews back to back.  We appreciate your patience with this matter.

During the interview, the manager will explain more about the opportunities available to work with our company and discuss the compensation.  Please be prepared to discuss your credentials and experience with providing intuitive readings.  Also, please be prepared to provide a sample reading at this time.

Scheduling your Interview
We use Google Calendars to schedule our appointments.  In order to schedule your interview, you will need to have a free Google Gmail account.  If you don’t have a Gmail account yet, it is free and easy to set one up.  To setup your free Gmail account, click here.  Then return to this page to schedule your interview.

Ready to schedule?
Once you have your Gmail account setup, CLICK HERE to view our open appointment times.  Each open appointment will show with the title “Psychic Interview.”  Find a time that works for you, click the appointment, update the phone number, and hit the SAVE button.  You are now scheduled for your interview!

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