Many psychics are moving towards video readings, allowing them to make a better connection with more customers.

There is a myriad of good reasons for the popularity of video psychic jobs. Higher pay. Better flexibility. Enhanced technology. Something new. Those are just a few of the good reasons, but today we’re going to focus on how doing video readings enables you, the psychic, to make a better connection to your customers.

A Better Connection over Phone Readings.

For psychics who have been working on telephone networks, doing readings on video enables them to get face to face with their customers again. Telephone readings are great, but there’s something that gets lost when a customer isn’t able to visually participate in the reading. If the psychic uses any tools such as tarot or angel cards, pendulum, etc., the customer isn’t able to see any of that process in a phone reading.

By working on video, you can make that extra, instant visual connection with the customer. For you, it makes communicating your messages easier. The customer is instantly drawn into your reading, leading to a hightened awareness and concentration on what you’re saying. For the customer they get a better overall experience. The combination of audio and visual increases the opportunity for the customer to comprehend and retain the information from your reading.

More Connections to Clients Worldwide.

There’s another aspect to video readings that enables you to make a better connection. Eliminating the complicated costs and international laws associated with telephone readings, video readings allow you to be connected to customers all over the world. For experts who speak english, this enables you to connect to clients not just across North America, but your services will be in-demand throughout Europe and Australia, where psychics are very popular.

For psychics who are bi-lingual, you’ll suddenly find a client base that is wider and more diverse than you could have imagined. Your additional language(s) will be listed on your profile. Customers are able to view the psychics by the language spoke, enabling you to be promoted on multiple websites. Spanish and French are often the next most requested languages.

Go Ahead. Make the Video Connection.

If you’re a talented, professional intuitive expert and you’re ready to make the move to video, the Psychic Job Center has you covered! We have the most popular, and highest earning potential job as a video psychic listed right here. Take a look and complete the application, and you’ll be on your way to starting your new career in the psychic industry’s fastest growing segment!