New Job: Best Phone Psychics

We’re excited to announce the listing of a terrific opportunity for work-at-home psychics:  Telephone Psychic Reader for Best Phone Psychics.  This company has been managing telephone readers for over a decade, and has been one of the most trusted management companies in the industry.

They currently have several openings for qualified psychics to provide readings on their telephone psychic network.  As a psychic on this network, you would be assigned an extension and provided a profile on their websites.  Whenever you wish to work, you simply call a toll-free number and enter your security code.  Calls are then forwarded to you, and you provide a reading.

With this system,  your telephone number and personal information is never shared or visible to the clients.  You decide when you want to work, anytime 24 hours a day.  You are compensated for your talk-time, and bonuses are available.  You do not have to worry about advertising, as the network provides the callers.

For more information and to apply for this position, visit the Job Listing page now.

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