Psychic Advertising: Limited 3-day Special Pricing

Are you seeing clients of your own? Have you discovered the benefits to having your own private psychic business?

Many psychics are only interested in finding a job with a company. While these jobs (like the ones listed on PsychicJobCenter) can be a great option, they don’t always fit the needs of every psychic.

First, it can be difficult and time consuming to land the right position. There is always a very large applicant pool for companies to choose from, which means not everyone is going to find one of those psychic jobs, at least not right away.

Many psychics who work for companies will supplement their income by seeing private clients. Its a great way to create financial stability and long-term income.

RIGHT NOW we have a great opportunity for any lightworker who needs to advertise their services. The PsychicDeal Directory of Experts has been helping readers find new clients by providing high-quality and in-depth listings. Customers like searching through and finding a reader to answer their questions.

We’re about to launch a huge ad campaign, but we want to make sure we have as many readers as possible. For the next 72 hours, we’ve setup 2 special offers for readers who want to join. You can get a 6-month listing for the price of 1 month. Plus, no subscription needed.

Check out this page for details and to claim your listing now. This offer ends after 72 hours so don’t miss out!

PsychicPro March Madness: Directory of Experts

So far during our March Madness for Psychic Professionals event we’ve highlighted a telephone psychic job and a video psychic job. If you missed either of those posts, make sure to click through for details.

Today we’re going to focus on a way you can increase your professional income by reading for private clients. Did you know the average psychic earns over $60 per hour with private clients? Many earn much, much more.

The hard part is finding clients. That’s where the PsychicDeal Directory of Experts can help. You can get an Enhanced Listing for under 10-bucks a month. You can get a lot of new clients because their traffic is specific: people looking for deals on psychic services.

They have a special yearly deal going on too this week only, so check it out.

Psychic Pro March Madness: Video Experts

Perhaps the hottest job on the Psychic Job Center has been the Video Expert Position. Here’s just a few of the highlights:

  • Earn upto 60%
  • Get started within a week
  • Lots of customers, busy system
  • Provide readings using your home computer with a webcam

We asked some of the experts who have started working in this position to share their experiences. Here’s what some of them had to say:

“I just got started last month. I earned over $300 in my first two weeks and I’ve already earned more than that in my third week. I’m liking it!”  -Josie P., N.M.

“I’m having a lot of fun. It took awhile to get used to but now I’m staying pretty busy when I am online.” -Justin K., N.Y.

“I’m making more money on here than I used to doing phone readings. It has been fun and I really like the customers.” -Tammy T., CA

“I got a paid reading the first customer in my room! Now I have a few who come back and get readings. I work overnights and it can get crazy but I am having fun. ” -Veronica P., AZ

This job offers the fastest opportunity to be up and running, doing paid readings. With the top pay and lots of customers, it is one of our most popular jobs ever!


View job description / Apply Now

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It is March Madness for Psychic Professionals

Spring is just around the corner, and things are really heating up in the Psychic Industry!

Most services experience a boom in business as we proceed through spring, so there are lots of opportunities for independent psychics to prosper.

Over the next several days, we’re going to make a daily post with a new job, current openings, advertising deals and more.

Let’s start with today: A brand-new psychic line with upcoming openings available.  This looks like an exciting opportunity, so check it out and register now.

Come back tomorrow for our next March Madness Post.

Follow Up on those New Years Resolutions: Find a New Psychic Job

PsychicJobCenter wants to help you have a prosperous and successful 2018.

What resolutions did you make this year? Did they involve earning more money? Being happier with your work? Using your gifts to help more people?

If you’re a skilled, intuitive light-worker, this might be the year for you to find a new, ideal job providing readings. Imagine, being happy about the work you’re doing, earning a good income and helping lots of new clients!

This year, the PsychicJobCenter has resolved to help even more psychics become work-at-home readers. We’ll be bringing you exclusive job opportunities all year long, including some brand-new jobs never before seen!

If you need help accomplishing your New Year’s Resolutions, we suggest you follow our 3-step plan below:

Step #1: Register for upcoming jobs.

We have a lot of new positions that will be posted in the upcoming weeks and months. Some of these jobs may have only a few openings, while others may have many. Make sure to register to be the first to hear about jobs that match your preferences. You can register by using this link.

Step #2: Prepare your professional image.

By this, we mean you need to prepare to have the best possible application and interview if you want to be chosen. Afterall, it is a candidate-heavy job market, which means there are far more available psychics than jobs. So, if you want to get your dream job, make sure to prepare.

We suggest you read this article we wrote about doing just that. We outlined the 3 things you should prepare before you even apply for any psychic job position.

Step #3: Apply for jobs with immediate openings.

Right now, we have 2 positions listed on the PsychicJobCenter where the companies have multiple, immediate openings.

First, there’s a job with Psychic Managers working as a video expert. This was 2017’s Hottest Job Opening on our website, and they aren’t slowing down this year. In fact, they have a goal of adding 50 new psychics over the next 10 weeks. Pay is high, traffic is great and you can build a long-term income stream working with this company. For more details, read the job description here.

Second, there’s a job with working as a phone expert. We’ve had this position on our site for a long time, and its been one of the best jobs for phone readers anywhere. The exciting thing is they are hiring 20 new psychics for an increase in call-volume that will begin Feb. 1st. They’re looking for readers who can commit to at least 15 hours/week and provide excellent telephone readings. For more details, read the job description here.

To Your Success!

We hope you found this post helpful with making progress in accomplishing your personal goals for 2018. Finding the right job for you can take some time, so make sure to keep an eye out for our job alert emails and newsletters.