Job Update: Telephone Psychics for the Graveyard Shift: BCI Psychics

This is exciting because this is the best job ever for psychics. We’re not kidding… this is the one that really started it all. In fact, one of the original readers hired through our websites just celebrated his 17th year with this company!

The thing is, they don’t hire very often at all. Because they don’t have the high turn-over other networks experience. Right now though, they are searching for a handful of new experts who will help cover their “graveyard” shift, the overnights from 10pm – 4am PST. Might be a tough time for psychics to work, but they’re okay with you moving your shift after the first month. They just really need to get coverage during those hours right now, so if you think you can do it, it might be your chance to get in with this great company.

We wrote an extensive review you should read. Here are a few highlights:

  1. Different type of psychic job.
  2. Busy, established network.
  3. Quick, weekly pay arrives in your account 4 days after the end of the week, like clockwork.
  4. Advanced Technology that allows you to create the most successful psychic extension-business anywhere.
  5. Of course, no fees to work. No fees to advertise, no fees ever.
  6. No Averages. No ridiculous expectations. Just do great readings!

So, if this sound of interest to you, check out the job post here and complete the application to get started. Their hiring process is extensive, so get started asap.

Job Update: Adult Telephone Chat

We have an update on this position… they are going to begin screening applications over the next week in anticipation of needing at least 10 workers very soon. If you might be interested, make sure to review the job post and complete the form today.

Here are a few points on why we’ve posted this position in the Psychic Job Center (it is not for psychics)

  • We know many independent psychic remote workers will supplement their income with this type of work;
  • The company hiring is one who manages the readers for one of the most popular psychic jobs we have;
  • Great pay, guaranteed $20-$25 per hour for 2-5 hour shifts.
  • Weekly pay.

So, if you’re interested in finding out more, read the job post here. Then fill out the form at the bottom of that page.

Be a Part of the Fastest Growing Team of Psychic Professionals

The team at PsychicManagers is growing fast, with more readers getting paid than ever before. Don’t worry, there’s still room for you!

PsychicManagers has been actively recruiting for their Video Intuitive Reader position for quite awhile. It has long been one of the most popular listings on the Psychic Job Center. With the recent increase in customer traffic, this job is hotter than ever before.

We’ve seen an increase in applications for this position, up 32% in the past 2-months. And PsychicManagers report back that they’ve added more readers than ever. Plus, they’re seeing an increase in how much the average reader is earning!

The good news is with the recent increase in the traffic for their readings, they’re looking for more psychics, tarot readers, mediums and lightworkers of all types to join their team. Learn more about being a Video Intuitive Reader and be part of the best thing for psychic workers today!

Video Readers finding Success Online

We’ve been processing more and more applications for readers interested in working on the Video platform with PsychicManagers. We’ve also received an update on the average earnings:

The number of readers working on the video platform with PsychicManagers has increased, with many more experts finding some real success. They are continuing to hire, so if you haven’t started this job yet, read on!

We received an income update from PsychicManagers. Readers get paid 2x per month. For the month of May, the average earnings per reader increased to $582. This average represents a wide-range of workers, from part time of 1 day/week or less to full time.

This job is hot right now, with more psychics showing interest and applying than ever before. It is a great place to go if you are comfortable on-camera, and ready to work with a leader in the industry, offering cutting edge technology and advertising!

For more information, check out these links:

View job description / Apply Now

Article: Being a Video Psychic, Making a Connection

Article: 5 Reasons to become a Video Psychic Today

Job Alert: A new job opportunity, not psychic but for at-home chat readers. Must be 18.

Yeah, this is a post for another type of job, not really psychic related at all.  However, there are a couple reasons we feel it might be of interest to this community:

First, the company is the same company behind one of our most popular psychic telephone networks jobs. They have a reputation for being fair and honest with their workers.

Second, many workers who have network extensions find that they often need to augment their income doing other types of work.

They aren’t hiring just yet, but getting together a list of interested applicants. So, if you’re interested in finding out more about this job opportunity, you can visit this link.

To be clear, this is for a job doing phone-chat on an adult line. They are looking for women and men who would have no problems discussing adult topics on a telephone chat line.

Again, click the link above to go to our job-post for this position.